⭐ Short review: There’s a lot of hard work and creativity which has gone into the pizzas here. Every pizza topping has a lot of depth of flavour and is a must try. Not heavy on the pocket too !! Try the peri peri one❕
I had made up my mind to visit this place with my other two friends. The owner of this outlet, Supriya pinged me on messenger and invited me personally. So this wasn’t supposed to be a #IwasInvited  but somehow turned into a #FoodTasting at this lovely small cozy place called #PIZZARELA
Below are the items I had at this place:
Jalapeno cheese poppers
1. Jalapeno cheese poppers:  These were beautiful, liquidy cheese with a perfect blend of Jalapeno.. absolutely gorgeous dish, must try if u visit this place.
2. Fries+mozzarella sticks: these are two different items, but for Tasting purpose we received small portions of both.
Loved the mozzarella sticks, pretty much ideal, no complaints. Fries too good, nothing much to say about it.
[ ₹100/-]
3. BBQ wings: Strong typical bbq sauce spread generously on the nicely cooked hot wings. Liked it.
4. Nacho with cheese & salsa: aha.. generous quantity of cheese made the nachos go soggy quickly. Other than that, nice overall portion to have while you wait for your pizza to come.
Wanted to try their creamy garlic prawns and lemon garlic prawns but they weren’t available that day <next time>
6. Spaghetti arrabbiata: A pizza which consists of spicy tomato sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Topped with spaghetti olives and basil. It’s exactly as the name suggests, Spaghetti topped pizza. I wasn’t quite impressed by this, but good for ppl who want to try out something new.
7. Peri peri chicken pizza: Absolutely beautiful. I would strongly recommend this one. Most of the places simply throw the outsourced peri peri masala on the pizza. This place makes the sauce made from that peri peri masala, and it’s tastes brilliant. Never ever was I impressed by peri peri item before this. The chicken chunks were melt in the mouth and had a beautiful spicy taste to it.
8. Creamy Marsala chicken pizza: It was different, never before have I had this particular brown sauce called Marsala. The chicken cooked and drenched in this sauce is very unique, strong on the flavour, and gives the chicken a mutton kind of a feel. Different and loved it.
➡ Ambience: Nothing much to talk about it. Pretty regular and ordinary. Thanks to the wall fan pointing towards me, which made my lunch enjoyable by keeping me cool.
➡ Location:  Shop No – 3, Brij Bhavan Society, Next to ABC Farms, Salunke Vihar Road, Kondwa, Pune,
📲 To place order: 020 – 4121 7000

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