The Irish House has now been a month old in Nitesh Hub, Koregaon Park. After attending the launch, I was quite excited to visit the place. However before I could make a plan with my loved ones at this fantastic place, the place did invite me for a food tasting session. Here’s a quick share of my experience on the food and drinks I had at Irish House.

Green Appletini

Green Appletini: A simple yet nice mocktail. Green apple extract with orange juice and fresh lime. A nice sweet one which brings a nice smile on your face.

Jalapeno and Corn Cheese Fritters.

Jalapeno and Corn Cheese Fritters: A nice vegetarian starters which can go well with a nice fresh lager beer. Crunchy covering stuffed with fritters of corn, jalapenos, and cheese. The cozy center and the fun crunch did it’s magic and the tasty appetizers were finished within no time.

Smokey BBQ Chicken Sliders

Smokey BBQ Chicken Sliders: I have had this before at the Phoenix mall outlet. A nice consistent approach here too. Smoked chicken sausages tossed in chef’s special BBQ sauce, layered within a bite-size burger bun, and served with crispy potato fries.


Belfast Glazed Chicken Wings: The superb wings come in 2 variants for you to choose from. I had the opportunity to taste all the three variants. These three variants include orange honey chili, house bbq, hickery bbq. Hickery BBQ sauce is a simple, savory blend of hickory smoke. All the three were brilliant and kept me craving for more. A brilliant option to go for from this place.


Good Ol’ Mac n Cheese Fries

Good Ol’ Mac n Cheese Fries: Brilliant, the crisp fries drenched in the liquid cheese with macaroni top of it. A kind of item where all the ingredients are good making the compilation of them to be outstanding too!

Original Italian Spaghetti: Top notch stuff. Brilliant and stunning. I had the liberty to add prawns to the prawns and it did wonders. Medium spicy and super tasty spaghetti is a dish worth having.

Grilled Sriracha Chicken  Bowl: Siracha glazed grilled chicken served with apple cider rice was something new for my taste buds. The apple cider rice had a sweetish aspect to it and was not overpowering. Considering this was my first experience with apple cider rice, it was a good one and I wish to have more of this particular rice from various other eateries. However, with that being said, the combination of sriracha and apple cider flavors didn’t meld well.  The rice was super light on the feeling and completely flavorful.

Dual Chocolate Torte

Dual Chocolate Torte: A simple yet delicious looking cake. The Dark and white luscious chocolate mousse cake served cold was a delight to have at the end of the meal.

The Irish River Dance: Beer mug loaded with gooey brownie, vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate bites, chocolate truffles, chocolate coated cookies, topped with caramel sauce, caramelized nuts, and a pour of fresh Lager beer. A lavish way to end your meal at Irish House indeed.

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