A foodie person is always on a search to try and search something new in terms of food experience. He might opt for a dine-in option, which is a comforting and a royal experience as compared to parcel experience where only food comes crawling to you and need to plate-serve-relish your own food. Pune is all set to welcome the third type now at Autobahn in Phoenix Marketcity. The concept here is pretty simple yet unique for Pune. The food is sent on a conveyor belt. There exist two types of such tracks. One track is the set rotation one where the food items keep coming continuously. If you pick up from this particular one, you will be charged as per the color of the bowl. The prices are mentioned on the menu card/order tablet provided on the table. One needs to place the main-course and other specific starters desserts from the tablet itself. The track above the set rotation has a red-car called EDS – (Express Delivery System) which brings your specific orders to your table and waits till you pick it up! If there exists a delay in picking up it does a small beep sound to notify you of its presence.

Let us dive into the various items I tasted here!

The bowls are color coded for pricing convenience. Here are the rates for each of the bowl mentioned below:

1. Red Bowl:  ₹ 149/-  || Non – Veg

2. Yellow Bowl: ₹129/- || Paneer 

3.  Grey Bowl: ₹ 79/- ||  Chaats, Salad

4. Green Bowl: ₹ 119/- || Vegtarian 

5. Blue Bowl: ₹ 99/- ||  Desserts


Peru Pyala:  The mocktail was highly recommended by the staff and it was indeed good. The strong guava flavor was blending nicely with a hint of hot chili flavor. The aftertaste was strong and something which suited my palate for sure.

Mysore Chicken Fry: I had this for the first time. Presentation wise looks very ordinary, however, the item was a complete pack of flavors and aroma. The chicken although fried had the perfect juiciness intact! Brilliant item to have here.

Murgh Ki Kanti:  A medium spicy chicken starters which was super tasty and something which can go very well with a sweetish mocktail. The anardana mocktail fits perfectly with this one. The onions and the ginger flavor were a delight to eat. The overall item was flavorful and the good juicy chicken-suited perfectly.


Vegetable Chop: A nice deep fried item stuffed with various veggies inside. The crust is perfect on the crispness and has nice flavors to it. The red stuffing on the inside is tasty and can be enjoyed by the vegetarian peeps


Fish Strips: This was the one item which completely failed to impress me. The fish was not that appealing taste wise and the covering did not help much either.

Bhatti ka Jheenga: The first batch we got was overcooked, and hence we had to send it back to the kitchen. The second one we got was brilliant. The dish was finished within minutes by everyone. A nice smile on the face while we took a juicy nice bite of the prawns so nicely cooked with the perfect spicy marination on the top!


For mains we had two items, one from veg and one from non-veg. The non-veg one included lamb, while the veg Goan Vegetables Xacuti. Both the items were enjoyed by everyone on the table. The hardcore non-vegetarians too loved the veg item. The Goan Vegetables Xacuti was loaded with veggies and a beautiful medium spicy gravy to it. Xacuti or Xacutti is a curry prepared in Goa which includes poppy seeds, sliced or grated coconut and large dried red chilies.  A must try dish for the vegetarians. The lamb dish was Kausha Mangsho in which the spicy red curry had nicely done meat in it.

Idukku Pepper Brownie is something which was really outstanding from all the dessert item we tasted. A brownie with ginger honey infused flavors did wonders in the mouth. However, it was not something that everyone can enjoy and is a palate specific item! The gulab jamun was nice piping hot and delicious. The Shahi Tukda was a bit of disappointment since the bread and rabdi felt like two different entities and did not blend neatly. The gajar ka halwa was the perfect end to our meal experience here!

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