It’s been a while we have had a unique item featured here. This monotony of regular items finally comes to an end with NOVOTEL introducing the BUNNY CHOW festival along with MOJITO  MADNESS FESTIVAL. Here are the festival details before we proceed:

TIME: 11.00am – 12.-00 am



1. MOJITO FESTIVAL:  20 Jan – 31st Jan 2018

2. BUNNY CHOW: 19th Jan – 28th Jan 2018


From all the array of various Mojito we got to sample, there was one which I felt was completely new, the gulkhand one.  The evident sweetness of the gulkhand had passed on to the entire drink.  I personally loved the pomegranate one along with the melon balls mojito.

Bunny chow is very simple yet a super popular fast food dish. It started in South Africa and now a worldwide hit item for all the foodies. It consists of a hollow bread loaf into which a delicious curry is filled.


The Bunny Chow served here were delicious. The dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry was done to perfection. I had the Chicken version of the Bunny chow. The creamy texture of the curry was delectable with the super soft bun to go with. The chicken pieces were ample and were superbly done in terms of marination.

The Egg version of BUNNY CHOW

Although the original bunny chow was a vegetarian one, nowadays the non-veg version of it consisting of mutton or lamb, chicken, bean and chips with curry gravy are popular fillings.

The other variants available here are as follows:

1) Paneer Tikka Bunny Chow
(Cottage cheese cooked in tandoor and served in butter masala gravy)

2) Mushroom Bunny Chow
(Herb and garlic marinated mushroom cooked in oven with zero oil with chefs special recipe)

3) Puneri Bunny Chow
(Sprouts cooked in spicy Puneri gravy and served along with farsan )

4) Ras Omelette Bunny Chow
(Goan thin Xacuti gravy served with fried egg)

5) Chicken Tikka Bunny Chow
(Yogurt marinated chicken smoked in clay oven and cooked in smooth tomato butter gravy)

6) Chicken Sausages Bunny Chow
(Grilled Chicken sausages tossed Indian herbs and cooked in a thick Tomato and Onion gravy)

7) Mutton Kheema Bunny chow
(Lamb mince cooked along with chefs special recipe)

8) Shrimp Peri Peri Bunny Chow
(Spicy Shrimp cooked in a gravy flavoured with vinegar and Peri Peri spices )

(All Bunny Chow served choice of Bread of Plain, Whole Wheat, Multigrain, Paprika, and Oregano)

This has to be the finest bunny chow I’ve ever tasted in Pune. If you are up to try this particular item and also a Mojito fan, this is a must visit festival to attend.

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