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The first-of-its kind restobar in PCMC area, Bar Stories started off with the aim to give you a story worth taking back every time you walk through our doors.

From sipping on spirits from across the world that don’t burn a hole in your pocket to adding our own sense of kick to the food with our quirked up menu, we cater to connoisseurs of both aspects.

Our food is inspired by the carnival and easy to go bar food like toasties, street style momos, thin crust pizzas, tiffin meals and specialties from our BBQ Pit.
Tandoori Eggs, Makrana Kebabs, Surmai-Tawa, Lobster Rigatoni and our Bhoot Jholakia Pizzas have been our guests’ favorite so far.

India’s leading Mixologist Arjun Chaudhary has conceptualized our Bar. Serving a variety of cocktails – original and adapted, that are mixed to suit every taste and every mood.

Let us now go through the various food and drinks that I had at this wonderful new place.


Lost Stories: Bourbon with fresh homemade herb reduction, whiskey infused burnt Oranges, egg white & touch of bitters.

Take Me To Heaven: A red wine cocktail with a perfect mix of herbs, plants & fruits with instant infusion. A reliable cocktail which will take you to the level of “happy high” for sure.

She: Wine mixed with 5spices, vodka, topped up with Chamomile tea foam.

Tubelight:  Vodka infused with lemongrass, mixed with homemade thai ginger syrup, caramelized citrus fruit.


It’s My Legacy: Bacardi with fresh cucumber juice, pineapple, a touch of bitters,  lemongrass sticks and a touch of coconut.



Supreme Nachos: Absolutely delicious nachos served with liquid cheese and fresh salsa was a delight to relish and finished before you could have a breather. A must have on the table at Bar Stories. Goes well with most of the potent drinks they serve.

Paneer Achari Tikka

Paneer Achari Tikka: I’m a non-vegetarian guy, but trust me this was the best dish served to me today. Hot Paneer Tikka was marinated with a achari masala which was made by the chef to perfection. Very rare that a veg item from a place impresses me this well. Well Done place!

Also worth the mention, the onion between the paneer chunks had a brilliant taste too! Full marks for the flavorful dish and keeping the presentation simplistic.

Charmula Grilled Prawns

Charmula Grilled Prawns: The dish looked very tempting when brought to the table, however, at the very first bite I was struck with a strange foul smell which is very difficult to explain. It also did smell like stale sea fish, the typical ones you get when the fish starts to decompose. The masala and other prep flavors went completely irrelevant because of the foul smell which I could sense.

Murgh Makrana Kebab

Murgh Makrana Kebab: The stunner on the presentation item turned out to be strictly average on the palate. All looks and no substance.  The flavors were to be blamed, the masala just did not do the magic, felt the basics have gone wrong. Moreover, the flavors which we still could identify were only present on the interior and couldn’t reach inside the bit overcooked chicken legs.

Fish In Lemon Butter Garlic Sauce

Fish In Lemon Butter Garlic Sauce: I prayed that this item turns out to be good, and the gods did listen to my prayers.

The fish was done nicely. The flavors made you fall in love with the place. Strong and just the way I liked it. One of the must-have items from here for sure!

Caramel Custard

Caramel Custard & Chocolate Bombe with ice cream were two of the desserts served and I would pick the latter one as my favorite from the two. It is the one item for which I can come for at late nights just to satisfy my chocolate cravings. A sweet end to the tasting at Bar Stories.

Location – 2nd Floor. City ONE Mall. Next to China Grill – Pimpri – 411018.
Contact – 8793811335.


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