There exists certain excitement when we enter the unknown, something which we have never conquered or even imagined. The adrenaline rush, the fear of the unknown, and the super curiosity of the human brain can trick you into anything that it wants and create certain dilemma. When it comes to the unknown and uncertainty, the Pune Food Bloggers have never got a taste of it when it comes to food tasting with a mission.  Recently an event took place wherein the top bloggers were invited for a exciting food blogging contest, the first of it’s kind. The event was pretty simple and straight forward. You need to randomly pick up two chits. One of them holds the place name to be visited, while the other consists of a special ingredient. This special food ingredient should be the star item of the dish you had to order there. Lets dive into this interesting FOOD TRAIL 1.0 and go through my experience!

Phoenix has a lot of amazing restaurants. The various places here offer a variety of  cuisines ranging from quick serving restaurants to the fine dine.  Cuba Libre has been something which I have been wanting to visit.  The place is located on the third floor of the mall.

What happens when a hardcore non-vegetarian gets the super generic veg item? The hardcore non vegetarian guy smiles at his luck and nothing else. While others got prawns, chicken and other exciting meat options, I was stranded here with a  cottage cheese chit in my hand.

I’ll be honest, I don’t remember when was the last time I voluntarily ordered a starter or main item which included cottage cheese in it. So yes, something new again for me!

The ambiance of this place is neatly done. Perfect wooden touch accompanied by the heavy black lavish couches. The bar counter in endlessly long. Gave me a feel of marine drive to be quite honest with the long curve and all the drinks and fancy sparkling bottles on display. This place is indeed an amazing party spot for any occasion without a doubt.

What to order? 

The conundrum remains, always, for me when it comes to ordering a vegetarian starter. Today since I had the chit in my had I had quite a few options to go with and I felt that the satay option is something which the place can really be judged for a first visit by anyone. The menu card here is quite limited when it comes to options, but tries to cover the basics neatly.

My star dish for the day was this beautiful looking Paneer Satay. Golden Paneer chunks nicely drenched in the curry did made me drool when it was served on my table. The aroma of the ingredients used was making a strong statement for what I was about to get in even before I had the first bite. Before I dive into this particular one, lets get to know what satay is and where it has come from!


It’s a simple item where the grilled meat (mostly chicken in Pune) is served with homemade peanut sauce. The skewered item is enjoyable and very famous in most of the places serving Thai food.  Compared to other South Asian delicacies we generally have, this is a little light on the taste aspect. However, if done right, this item can really impress you with it’s subtle yet impressive taste. The item is said to be originated from Indonesia, however because of it’s sensational taste it got spread over other countries in no time. Few of them being Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. Chicken Satay are wonderful provided the meat is juicy, succulent and marinated rightly. The marination fluctuates from being medium spicy with pinch of peanut sweetness to it. A person who loves non-veg but prefers a little less on the hotness, would definitely love this item.

Paneer Satay at Cuba Libre

I never thought that a paneer satay would taste this good to be quite honest. Paneer was melt in the mouth and cogent enough to make any person fall for it. The marination used was brilliant and never before have I come across a paneer starter with such amazing taste. The dish had finesse and was completely mind-blowing with the amazing punch of flavors it had to offer. The depth of flavors compelled me to pick up two more pieces of the this beauty of a dish. It’s not everyday that a paneer item impresses a non vegetarian voracious meat eater, but today was a lucky day and CUBA LIBRE delivered the best Cottage Cheese item on the menu to me. The dish was complete in terms of the efficient use of the spices and the superb blend of it with paneer. The reason why the paneer had blended so well with the gravy used is the small cuts to it which made sure that the paneer was not bland from inside and gave the person a long and satisfying experience on the taste buds.


Loved the item and the vibe this place has got to offer, would definitely visit again to explore more from their menu card as the place looks quite promising from this particular beauty I had here! Happy eating, spread the positivity.


—  Place details below — 

Located in: Phoenix Market City  
Address3rd Floor, Phoenix mall, Phoenix Boundary Road, Clover Park, Viman Nagar, Pune.
Hours:  12PM–1AM
Phone070836 60123



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