People are always up for new places, new eateries and hence new ventures are popping up every now and then. This excitement is cashed in and grabbed by the new restaurants in Pune. However, to have a consistent approach towards the customer and their unrealistic expectations on most of the occasions,  is something most of the places fail to deliver. The competition is fierce and cutthroat. This is good for Punekars as they get to win out of this healthy competition. The race to be the finest results in more cuisine, more exciting fusion items and top-notch service.



The most over used words these days has been ‘gastronomy’.  Most of the people clueless and struggling to understand what exactly does it imply. Is it a cuisine? A type of restaurant? what is it?


The word gastronomy is derived from Ancient Greek. Just by breaking down the words ending with ‘nomy’ like Astronomy which implies study of celestial objects and phenomena, gastronomy implies study of the relationship between food and culture.  It takes a deeper look at the ingredients and the science behind merging two distinct items to form something really amazing. The presentation tends to be jaw-dropping and never seen before types as compared to the normal restaurants. Obviously the costing increases exponentially with all this added components to your dinning experience. It’s definitely not a everyday affair to visit such places, but it definitely falls  in the must visit once places for sure.



We started our meal here with the golden fried prawns. I’m not a huge fan of the foam, and hence the overall presentation did not appeal to my liking. I was taken by surprise by the taste however. The first bite and I could experience the superbly cooked prawns with a delicate yet tasty covering. The batter used had a medium spicy flavor of typical besan type covering. Not to confuse it with the bhaji covering, it was only for the matter of texture. The foam had flavor to it however I kept myself away from it. The item was served alongside sweet chili sauce and the foam too is called sweet chili air.

When Maharastrian and Italian cuisine come together, this is what happens. Bruschetta is toasted Italian bread drenched in olive oil served typically with onions and tomatoes. Here the fusion pops in and replaces it with dabeli filling. Everybody has different opinion and taste palate for their choice of dabeli. The one served here is a bit low on the taste apsect as it has to cater to all. The tangy imli aspect I felt is a bit less for my palate, however the dish was done neatly keeping all other aspects on point.

While the food was coming at a good pace, a quick slurp of their Kitkat shake was a mandate according to the management.Visually the ‘freak shake’ was stunning and on point. The taste was surprisingly good too for my choice. Not a big fan of this new upcoming trend of freak shakes, this place has good option if you are into it. Also they have Oreo shake which looks pretty similar except for the addition of the Oreo biscuits.


A sweet yet interesting drink this place has introduced is this one, the sharabi lassi. The first time I guess when lassi gets high with alcohol. It consist of Jameson, Baileys, Murimbula Saffron along with mango and Yogurt. Jameson is a blended Irish whiskey. This was good for my taste buds and something really interesting. New flavors discovered with this particular item, glad to have this one.

Taste is subjective, and this has to be said again and again. This drink called cinematic was not only beautiful but was divine for me. A conglomeration of cinnamon syrup, cinnamon ash, whiskey and sprite. The resultant output was smooth and majestic. Blown away with this one, but I’m not sure if everyone would enjoy the strong cinnamon aspect on this one. So think wisely before going for this one.


We love the chicken popcorn, but this is the first time I had the fish popcorn. An ideal bar nibble with cinematic, this did a brilliant job. The spicy covering with the fishy inside was nicely balanced. The strong flavored, super crispy shell was enjoyable. If you are in for hard drinks, this should definitely be on the table I suggest.


Not all can I understand the depth of flavors to the extent that you can single out each ingredient used in the dish. One of those simple yet mind-boggling item which plays with your taste buds is this particular one, the garlic bread with red onion jam. Not sure if true, but I had a hint of wine to the caramelized onions topped on it.  The dish falls on the sweeter side, take a note.

Two other drinks which the place has to offer were the Blood on rooftop which includes Classic  LIIT without mixers with red wine from Fratelli. The other was Banarasi Paan which is exactly what the name stands for. It had alcohol base of white rum and hint of cherry with marimbula Paan flavor.


Paneer never tasted so tasty and flavorful. The presentation is something which I despise, I mean.. I don’t want a fully grown flower and green color foam on my food. The flower was a big turnoff on the presentation part, however, the taste compensated for the loss on the visuals. A good option for the vegetarian peeps.  Medium spicy and aromatic would be apt words for this particular veg dish.


This reminds me of Farzi Cafe where I first had this item. I didn’t quite like it there and had wished for the outer ball shell to be more crisp, thick and flavorful. The gods were indeed kind enough to answer to my prayers and made this particular dish enjoyable now at Orion. Arancini are stuffed rice balls which are coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried. Simple sounding, yet delicious on most occasions. This place gets good points on this one.

Overall quite satisfied and happy with the place in terms of food and ambience. The food has a lot of thought process behind it and it show in every item they have on their menu. The sheer consistency is the key to success for this place and I wish them good luck for that.

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