Asian Box has been my favorites when it came to Asian cuisine. Right from their ambiance to their service, everything was just smooth and enjoyable. Being a regular at their KP branch, I loved their chicken kung pao and their khow-suey. The place was small and cozy in terms of seating capacity. The latest outlet in Baner on the other hand is spacious and has a lot more seating capacity as compared to the KP branch. They have valet parking at both the branches. The ambiance is perfect for a dinner, and food is delicious at any time of the day. They timings are 11-11 and would recommend to call and reserve table if planning to go in a group. The place is rightly priced considering the ambiance, food and the consistency. I was lucky enough to be called by the management here for a food tasting at the newest outlet to enjoy an array of their best and new items. Lets get started with the food review!

Mutton Kheema Samosa

Mutton Kheema Samosa: A bit salty for my palate, however it was damn tasty once the salt aspect is a bit side-tracked. The kheema inside was flavorful, nicely cooked and droolicious. The outer covering was crispy and did compliment the stuffing perfectly.

Cheese Lumpia


Cheese Lumpia: What is lumpia? Lumpia is nothing but spring rolls. It’s called lumpia mostly in Indonesia and the Philippines. Crispy shell filled with nice piping hot cheese. Enjoyed it, however a little bit more of flavors were needed I felt for my liking. A good option for vegetarian however, the presentation and taste being on the good side.

Cheese Lumpia


Veg Spicy Laksa

Veg Spicy Laksa: Refreshing, spicy and delicious. Despite being a hard core non-vegetarian, I loved this soup! Which is very rare.  Tons of nicely chopped veggies with noodles settled down at the bottom, do not forget to mix before you have this soup. Loved it, might be my favorite veg soup after all.

Cheese Lumpia

Then we had cheese lumpia once again! This I had with Spring Onion Sauce. This sauce can literally make your life worth living. It’s damn tasty, and can lift any food item on the menu here! Do ask for it if not served.

Crispy Lotus Stem

Crispy Lotus Stem: The crispy lotus stem were perfect on the taste. The flavors bounced from hot to sweet very nicely.

Spinach Prawn Roll

Spinach Prawn Roll: This was a new item totally for me. Was super thrilled to have it on the menu. Never ever have I seen this combo before. To my delight the dish turned out to be stellar! Amazing combination served with a mind-blowing gravy did wonders inside my mouth. You could literally close your eyes and enjoy this prawn item, since this spinach and prawn combo is something that we rarely find anywhere else. It’s a medium spicy item and prawn lovers can definitely try this.


Chicken Satay

Chicken Satay: A very good standard item, but this did no wonders for me. It was a bit over sweet, however the person who was having this item with me mentioned that the original taste of satay in the South Asian countries did taste exactly the same. Amazed and glad that the place could bring the authentic aspect to Pune!

Banana Fish Leaf

Banana Fish Leaf: A medium spicy marination on superbly cooked basa can satisfy your fish craving for sure. The banana leaf adds to the flavor and not only the presentation. Sorry for the pic, the true color of the item is not depicted due to bright and overexposed picture.

Banana Fish Leaf
Chicken Khow-Suey

Chicken Khow-Suey: One of the most idealistic khow-suey you shall ever get in Pune. Khow suey served at this place is indeed in the top three slots for serving the best khow sueys in Pune.  Perfect on the coconut aspect with the gravy, right amount of chicken chunks in the gravy, the condiments were ideal, the noodles were enjoyable. Overall a happy khow suey fan in the true sense. I’ve had this item at their Kp branch and the presentation differs. When it comes to presentation would prefer the KP branch for the ease of access to the condiments. This new box for it is a bit difficult to access.


That’s how Sidfrompune assembles his Khow Suey



Pandan Pannacotta: The name is something really new. Wiki states that Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant in the Pandanus genus, which is commonly known as pandan leaves, and is used widely in South Asian and Southeast Asian cooking as a flavoring. It indeed was superb and was finished within seconds, a must have. Rest of the brownie and ice cream were the decent regulars.

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