Nandu Paratha is a very old paratha serving place in Pune. Their latest branch has now opened up in Baner which is a boon to everyone in this area. Baner needed a place like this and the food gods have answered our prayers. Entire PCMC, Aundh & Baner can now benefit from this lovely place which serves one of the best parathas in Pune.

— Paratha —

PARATHA – Pizza Topping

Paratha with Pizza topping: The variety in paratha lies in the stuffing of it. This one in particular had ingredients such  as capsicum, corn and onion. The sauce used was similar to the pizza sauce which we generally get. The parathas were cooked to perfection. The stuffing for me was a bit imperfect for the day. The piece which I picked up from the 4 had excessive corn while the others were moderately bombarded with corn. Something which might not happen every time but worth mentioning.

PARATHA – Pizza Topping


Aloo Achari

Aloo Achari: Iconic aloo paratha spiced up for the occasion to salivate your taste-buds. A fantastic upgrade of the already loved aloo paratha, this is an ideal example of the ratio of the stuffing to the thickness of the paratha. It just was so damn perfect that one simply cannot help appreciating it even while eating and while writing about it. Served alongside dahi, and chutneys which were not used by me for this paratha.

Aloo Achari

— Lassi —

Strawberry Lassi


Strawberry Lassi: An amazing take on the lassi. There are many places which try to infuse various flavors and fruits in the lassi but somehow just don’t get it right. The one served here does complete justice to the fusion. The two taste: lassi & strawberry mingle so well. For the first few seconds you will enjoy the strawberry aspect of  the drink. After 1-2 seconds depending on the portion you have gulped, the original taste of the lassi does kick in. Absolutely enjoyable.


Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi: After the enjoyment of having the first flavored lassi, I thought of trying the second one which was the mango one. This too was nice and thick, difficult to relish with straw. This on the other hand was over-saturated with mango and the lassi effect was reduced to negligible.  On the other hand, if this was served just as a mango drink, it would be a 10/10 in my opinion. A must have for mango drink fans!


Paneer Ghungroo

Paneer Ghungroo: The name is interesting but had no justification. The kite shaped paneer cubes were fantastic in the gravy which was ideal and onion based. You can have this ‘sabji’ with the paratha of your liking. The paratha which I got was a bit too salty for my liking. The veg dish on the other hand was very enjoyable and mild spicy.A good option to for a lunch and for two people.

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Here are the details of the new branch:-


131/1/B, Shop 1 & 2, Sai Heritage, Ram Indu Park, BanerMhalunge Road, Baner, Pune

Opening hours

11 AM to 11 PM







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