I’ve heard a lot about this place. Most of the praises and recommendation was for their Chicken Nanza. Finally got an opportunity to visit this place and try out their various items for which they are already known for in Pune. Let’s start with a different approach this time, let me introduce you to their amazing desserts! The place is located on Lane Number 8,  Suyojana Society, Kavadewadi, Koregaon Park.

Mango Lime Panacotta

I was literally blown away with happiness when I had this first bite of this amazing panacotta. Never before have I been that amused and happy after having panacotta. The mango pulpy thing does wonders and is really overwhelming. A must have item for desserts if you happen to be in this area..!!


Dulce de Leche

This place is known for their nanza? But why haven’t I heard about these desserts before! This is another superb on taste dessert which make you feel happy and take some home, have it your own comfy spot to relish and think what a wonderful world this is to exist in. This ice cream had chocolate, coffee and caramel. Perfect dessert ice cream I’ve had in a long time.

Sri Lankan Curry Prawns

A medium spicy blended prawn curry with a lot of condiments, served alongside rice topped with caramelized onions is a decent option to go for, but nothing stunning in my humble opinion.

Chicken Roulade

What is Roulade? –>  a dish cooked or served in the form of a roll, typically made from a flat piece of meat, fish, or sponge, spread with a soft filling and rolled up into a spiral.

The chicken roulade here was ideal and if this is gonna be your first, go ahead and try it, won’t disappoint.


Chicken Roulade
Chicken Khow Suey

The khow suey here was hitting the right spot except for one aspect which I felt was overpowering, the lemon. It was acidic for some reason, however I feel that it was a bad day and can be excused for once. Will try again and confirm about this. Overall it had all the things right for a good khow-suey experience.


Prawns Mustard Chili

( Prawns – Mustard – Chili  ) what else do you want in your life?  This dish was done fantastically and cannot be done more superbly. Nice juicy prawns were drenched in Mustard chili sauce made you pickup another piece while you are still stuffed with the first one!


Chicken Drumettes

Full marks on the presentation, however the taste was pretty ordinary and felt deceived by the looks. This item can be skipped.

Piquant Chicken

Wonderful. A pizza which came to India had was happy to live here. Nanza here is fantastic. Perfect combination of cheese and sauces topped with chicken and your veggies. Must have item if you ever crave for pizza in Kp. What I really appreciate about this item is the ratio which they got correct.. chicken, cheese, veggies, Every bite you will be able to enjoy them! Not a single bite does do out of taste at any point.

Rajma Chawal Aracini

I’ve had this item before at Farzi Cafe, having it for the second time doesn’t really make me happy though. It’s rajma chawal stuffing with a crispy covering and kept on sauce.

Mushroom Soup

A delightful, rich and creamy soup which can for sure up your taste-buds for the delicious meal proceedings for the night.

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