Ever wondered how it must be feeling to visit those super awesome looking Masterchef restaurants which we only enjoy on our televisions sitting at home. The European cuisine which feels so magical with stunning names, visuals and presentation! This post is about the latest place which opened in Koregaon Park. Indigo Deli had their first branch in Pune in Phoenix mall. It’s highly rated and belongs to the classy places to have a fine dine experience. Let’s check what the place serves and how my experience here was. Location: LANE NO 6, KOREGAON PARK


The overall feeling of the place when it comes to their ambiance is pretty neat, clean and tidy. Nothing fancy yet aesthetically pleasing. The warm lighting, the wooden chairs and the table made sure you felt comfy once you entered the place.

We started our tasting with a perfect vodka base cocktail. It was made as per the instructions and was done precisely.

Old Monk coffee glazed chicken wings with blue cheese dip

The wings were juicy, well done on point. However, the Old monk effect felt a bit less to my expectation. The taste of the alcohol is subtle and can be observed if paid attention to. Once you get it, it’s simply superb and keeps you craving for more.

Falafel, hummus & tzatziki sliders

Not a big fan of Falafel, hummus.. this item was overall a pass for me. The falafel was nice and crispy topped with  creamy tzatziki.
What is Tzatziki ?
It is a sauce served with grilled meats or as a dip. Tzatziki is made of salted strained yogurt or diluted yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, sometimes with vinegar or lemon! 

Baked jalapeno stuffed with Cajun spiced potatoes & Parmesan crust

When the dish came on the table, I was quite confused whether to have the filling only or with the entire ‘mirchi’ thing. It is supposed to be have entirely. The filling was of smashed potato and Parmesan crust to it. A item which wasn’t that appealing for my taste buds.

Honey mustard grilled chicken

A stunner of dish, a clear winner from the appetizer section. The superbly cooked chicken drenched with mustard and then drizzled with honey to perfection. The taste being so divine and alluring one needs to have it to believe it. A must have if you love chicken and our in for some real blast of subtle yet enjoyable taste.

Batter fried paneer tossed in homemade chili garlic sauce

Why should non-vegetarians have all the fun? This was a vegetarian item which made it’s presence loud and clear. The overall feeling after having one chunk of this item was satisfying. The paneer had a amazing cover of hot garlic chili sauce which I felt was hitting the right cords. The covering was on point when it comes to crispiness to hold the sauces in which it was drenched. Lovely.

Day’s special soup: Roasted cauliflower, truffle, parmesan with cajun lavash
Day’s special soup: Roasted cauliflower, truffle, parmesan with cajun lavash

This was more of experience, the soup serving. Never ever before have I had soup served in such classy manner. For a moment I felt like I was dining in some top notch European restaurant which we always see on the television. The soup consisted of  roasted cauliflower, truffle, parmesan with cajun lavash on the top. The soup was nice and thick and had a lot of depth of flavor to it.  Stunning and brilliant experience.


Day’s special salad: Mixed lettuce, fennel, apple, dried cranberries, candied walnuts & feta

Salads are not my thing, however this particular one I had was nicely balanced with apple and lettuce which gave a very enjoyable factor to it.

Prep work for Blog cover ! behind the scenes !

It’s always fun to share a table with a person who shares the same interest and passion for food. To work with them and understand their way of capturing the live moment of happiness brought by food is something really amusing and endearing.

Wafer Thin Pizzas: -BBQ chicken and cheddar

The waffer thin pizza in the true sense is waffer thin crust. Sounds a bit different, odd.. but trust me it does wonders! The BBQ chicken and cheddar topping is something magical here. Every aspect of this pizza seems to be done by the gods themself, to the point where you feel it’s just not possible to have such an amazing pizza. I’m sure, once done with the pizza, you will go home and start thinking about it the moment you hit your bed. Superb on every aspect, this medium spicy topping pizza hits the right cord and gets a 10/10 for sure.

Wafer Thin Pizzas: -BBQ chicken and cheddar


Deli BBQ pork ribs with buttered cornbread

The pork ribs were done right and had nice BBQ flavor to it which wasn’t overpowering. The cornbread was mind-blowing addition. A must have if at Indigo Deli, this isn’t a regular bread, it’s way to superior in taste and texture than the normal ones which we generally have.

Chocolate Whiskey Pate

Oh dear lord, this is the dessert which can get you high on chocolate and whiskey at the same time.  One bite of this magnificent dessert items continues for 2-4 seconds. With each second in a hurry to move on to the next taste. The initial seconds are consumed by chocolate and later half is taken over by whiskey which I feel is a sheer brilliance of this place. Hats off to the person who made this, deserves an applaud.


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