Cafe 212 has been recently known to launch the new menu. Located in Phoenix mall, this one interesting place with a lot of interesting new items for us to try.

Let’s have a quick review of the new items at this place.

Mrs. Beaton’s Eggs: This item gave me an impression of having a scrambled egg topped on a nice soft bread. The Beaton’s egg was super subtle on the taste aspect however it did wonders when combined with a buttered bread beneath it.

Carrot potato Mille Fieulle : no clue what the name means but when the item was brought on the table it was very appealing based on the visuals. However, when I dive into the dish I realise it was very similar to the dosa which we get along with the potato mash. It was sold along with coconut stew which was mind blowing. To conclude it’s a very tricky item to go for as we are into a mindset of having dosa at very cheap cost.

Eggplant bruschetta: Not a big fan of Bruschetta, this place serves decent Bruschetta as compared to other places. Although I stick to my opinion.The contents are eggplants, brie, caramelised onions and figs. So, you might as well try this if you’re a fan of these ingredients.


Spicy Emmental Arrancini: Deep fried crispy covering wrapping up the cherimoula Mayonnaise was something which I had a lot of expectations from, but it didn’t live up to it. The overall flavours did not satisfy my taste buds.

American Fried Chicken: One of the most disappointing dishes I’ve ever had when it cokes to chicken. The fried chicken was not only good on the taste but also missing on missing out on the basics which is the chicken. The crispy batter was okay however the chicken was missing and was sparse to find. It was more like chicken skin deep fried and served on the plate.


Grilled Black pepper tenderloin: An amazing dish served with coconut cream and curry powder. The meat cubes were succulent and juicy and the over all dish had a nice flavor which was enjoyable.

Chettinad prawns: short with spiced mayo this is one hell of a dish. The prawns were fantastic, the taste was too good to be true. I’ve never had prawns Chettinad before and this dish had the potential to be my favourite prawns dish in the future.

Kung fu fondue: crispy fries served with parmesan cheese sauce, schezwan tofu and chives. This was enjoyable and had really nice flavors when combined and mixed well.

Montreal punch: Emmental cheese, smoked chicken strips, sauteed mushrooms and green peppers were delight just like the previous one. The fries are really good and can be enjoyed by all.

Italian chicken Bowl: A simple yet elegant plate of salad with the chicken bacon, eggs, grilled zucchini, tomato spinach, argula, blue cheese and Italian dressing.

Trio of chips and salsa: A fancy colorful plate of Nachos with three types of nacho served with 6 dips! A fantasy come true for all the nacho lovers.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pockets: A very nice option to have here, this was indeed one of my favourites. The stuffing includes grilled spicy chicken, lemon rub, cucumber and smoked chili dip on the top.

Roast Chicken Sandwich: A massive burger comprising of nice shredded chicken and mint mayo. A tummy filling and value for money option to go for.

Two mushroom burger: This has to be one of the most beautiful vegetarian burgers I’ve had in a long time.

Masala Paneer Scramble: Beautiful paneer sandwich, nothing fancy yet neatly done with a medium spicy taste to it.

Chettinad cottage cheese: scrumptious & alluring by the looks, this pizza instantly takes your heart away. Thin crust and topped with paneer with mustard. The sauces could have been a bit more to enjoy it even more.

Peri peri shrimp pizza: I’ve never had a pizza which had shrimp on it and this was really a wonderful experience. This was on the spicier side as compared to the previous one with stuffed with onions green pepper jalapeno and pine nuts. Definitely good option for the food adventurers.

Grilled chicken breast: drunken mushroom white sauce and talked with mushrooms this was the best dish ever had at this place. One can come and visit this place only for this item. Everything right from the tenderness of the chicken to the perfection of the sauce give a rich experience.


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