Effingut has been my favorite place from my very first visit. The place is an synonym for craft beers in Pune. Effingut aka Effy is known for various reason and laurels have been written for it. For me Effy has been the most consistent place to send out good food every single time out of the kitchen. The impeccable selection of dishes, with a perfect mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items & all this with their wonderful craft beers! In my opinion Effy has been the benchmark for every dish I’ve tasted from their menu. Right from the simple chicken nachos served with succulent chicken cubes, cheese sauce and salsa, to their top rated Khow-Suey, and not to mention their sizzling brownie to end your meal on a high point, every item is a 5 on 5 here.

Effingut recently launched their latest branch at WTC, Kharadi. I was one of the lucky ones to be invited for the launch as well as the staycation which they had provided. The stay at Radisson Blu was a memorable one. The launch had EIC team performing live at Effingut. 

We had a blast with Atul Khatri and rest of of the EIC team members. The launch was a benchmark again setting the expectation to all new levels after previous hit of Baner launch.  Effingut made sure that we had a royal experience, a lavish one which we shall always remember.

A pic with Atul Khatri ( stand up comedian )

Effingut had a new fresh addition to the menu for their Baner branch, I was pretty sure that there has to be something special at Kharadi one too!  I explored the Baner menu thoroughly over the span of 1 year. For the Kharadi branch, however I was lucky that Effingut management invited me to try out their newest menu additions and give my honest feedback on them! So let’s get to business.

The classic craft beer tasters

The super eye pleasing tasters are something which will make you pull out your mobile and click a picture and let the whole world know that you are at Effingut having a good time. The tasters here are on the house. For the people who haven’t visited this place, the tasters are small shot glasses which have small portions of each of the craft beer available at the place on the tap. You are supposed to have them and then decide which one are you going to order alongside your meal.


I’ve been a fan of the Indian Brown Ale, but unfortunately it wasn’t available at the time I visited. I decided to give dunkelweizen a try, and it did serve me well. Dunkel means “dark”, the Effy version was or can be explained as the dark version of hefeweizen.

Find me in this pic ! There are 2 of them !



Loaded BBQ potatoes

Loaded BBQ potatoes: If by any chance you are into fries and like to have a plate of fries always on your table, this will be one of the best options for you when it comes to fries. The fries were tasty like never before. Each piece was so well drenched in house BBQ sauce that it felt as if the chef had taken extra time to check and dip each one of them into it.

Loaded BBQ potatoes

The fries were thick,  approximately 11mm where as at other places you might find near 9mm thickness.  These thick fries tossed in the BBQ sauce and drizzled with cheddar will completely make you crave for them even after completing one entire portion of them.

Chicken Spring Rolls

Chicken Spring Rolls:  It was a pretty sight and the presentation here gets all the points for looking classy and salivating at the same time. The stuffing was the usual juicy piping hot chicken with veggies served alongside hot garlic dip. It was indeed a good item, however it felt something missing. Maybe the veggies were overpowering the chicken flavor, or might be the crust being relatively bland making the overall dish less tasty. I’ve never had spring rolls served with the toothpick/skewers presentation. The skewers or the sticks which adds to the aesthetics of the did not serve to it’s functionality. When I tried to lift one up using the stick, the stick smoothly came out of the spring roll. This made me wonder if this was intentional? Or was it the chef’s mistake at the presentation level.  This point was explained to the chef and measures will be taken to avoid this.

Crispy Chicken Bites

Crispy Chicken Bites: The dish as described in the menu was –  ‘ panko crusted bite sized chicken’. Panko is a Japanese word which means breadcrumbs with a light, flaky texture, typically used as a coating for fried or baked food. The size of these bites was perfect and ideal. The chicken was however lacking taste and there was hardly any depth of flavors to it. If it hadn’t been for the piri-piri dip the dish was a borderline bland item.

Threaded Cottage Cheese

Threaded Cottage Cheese: Taste is subjective and so is presentation in my humble opinion. This looked pretty unappetizing as soon as it was brought on the table. The super crispy fried casing done to the paneer cubes was completely irritating for me.  I tried my best to reach to the paneer which was secured and guarded by this dense deep fried noodle like case.

Threaded Cottage Cheese

The covering was lacking in taste, the paneer on the inside was decent. The overall struggle for the paneer wasn’t worth it. The menu describes the dish as ‘marinated in oriental spices and finished in a crispy threaded casing’.

Kathi Roll – Mexican Veg

Kathi Roll – Mexican Veg: From a pure non-vegetarian’s perspective, this roll was fantastic. The taste was impeccable. The stuffing was so neatly done but still so compact and messy from the looks. Each of the ingredient doing it’s job to perfection. The onions, paneer and other n number of veggies which you don’t need to know because as soon as you are done with the first bite, you will start craving for the next one. The covering on the other hand could have been a little better in terms of thickness and crunchy aspect. I do not expect my kathi roll to be soft from the inside. If only the covering would have been a little more crispier this would have been a 5/5 item for sure.

Golden Fried Prawns

Golden Fried Prawns:  The dish is served with a layer of sambal sauce blanket over the golden fried prawns. Since the table members and myself needed time to click, they were served separately.  Later on we served the sambal sauce as per our convenience and our choice. The prawns and the sambal sauce was superb on taste.

Golden Fried Prawns

The prawns being tricky to cook, were done nicely. The super crispy crust went really well after brushing it with the sambal sauce.  The sambal sauce uses chili peppers and many other ingredient giving it a very nice and flavorful item to relish.

Kathi Roll – Thecha Chicken

Kathi Roll – Thecha Chicken: One of the most unique roll I’ve ever had. Thecha which literally in marathi means beaten up, is a spicy mash of various chillies , garlic, onion and many other items. Thecha chicken kebab being an absolute hit at the Baner branch, I was quite excited to try out the thecha  chicken in a roll version. Along with excitement I also was a bit worried, for the fact that the thecha chicken kebab which I absolutely was a spicy and hot delicacy. Bringing it inside a roll could have been a not so good idea. However, the thecha chicken here was toned down to fit the spicy and hot aspect of the roll. It was done with the help of cheese and mayo. The thecha aspect of the chicken was just enough to make it eligible to be named as thecha. The hotness lingered enough on the tongue to make you crave for the next bite asap! Overall, a fantastic roll once again.

Tequila, Lime & Thyme Prawns

Tequila, Lime & Thyme Prawns:  Prawns in mustard have been my favorite so far when it comes to prawns. Well, now I have a new favorite.  The prawns were enhanced by creamy thyme sauce with a dash of tequila and lime, served in a Parmesan basket. Thyme sauce generally contains dijon mustard mixed with a wine. The Parmesan basket however overpowers the taste of the thyme sauce in my opinion and could be replaced with something else which had a little less aggressive taste of it’s own.

Quattro Formaggio

Quattro Formaggio: The meaning of the Quattro Formaggio is  4 cheese. It was a wonderful example of how well can the crust of the pizza go with the cheese. An ideal sort of pizza which can be enjoyed by the cheese lovers. Not a fan of pizza with only cheese on it, I love my pizza to be topped with some nice heavy topping.  Orange cheddar, Parmesan Scamorza and Mozzarella being the cheese in it, a must have for the cheese lovers!

Pulled Pork & Bacon

Pulled Pork & Bacon: Stunner again. It should rather be called a  pork overload pizza! The slow cooked pulled pork and crispy baocn with mozzarella and orange cheddar with the bbq sauce was droolworthy and scrumptious.

Hazelnut Cheesecake

Hazelnut Cheesecake: A perfect blend of the classic cheesecake with hazelnut infused in it. Not a dessert person but I did enjoy them. The chocolate drops on the side were only for presentation for me as the cheesecake itself was superb and did not require any side item.

Hefeweizen Banana Triffle

Hefeweizen Banana Triffle: The English dessert with a twist from Effingut yet again did wonders after the Biramisu last year. Infused with award winning Hefeweizen directly from the tap, the lightness and the over all texture of this was totally commendable. Hats off to the chef for this amazing dessert  item once again. The creamy, layered banana trifle is an ideal choice to end your Effy experience.

Hefeweizen Banana Triffle

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