The number of ice cream parlors in Pune are on the rise. They have popped up like mushrooms in rainy season, every corner has one. Moreover, each place has some or the other unique item which stands out from the rest of the places. I visited one such place called called ‘IceKraft‘ .  Here’s my quick experience at this place.

Zucchini Fries

Zucchini Fries: Deep fried Zucchini, with a batter which had absolutely no taste, this was a pretty dull start to tasting tbqh. The taste and aroma was mainly of the oil in which it was drenched. The other aroma or taste would be of the garnishing of coriander. Zucchini lovers would be disappointed for sure if they go on to order this item.

Hurricane Fries

Hurricane Fries: I’ve always had the interest to try these superb looking twisted fries. Totally instagrammable, this item has been spreading like wildfire in Pune, with many places serving this. Most of the malls in Pune has at least one stalls dedicated to them.  You can find children and even grown ups relishing this particular item. All the excitement to try this particular item went to waste after finally getting my hands on this one.  History repeated itself in a span of 10  minutes right after the previous fries. Lacked seasoning. The fried element had gone way too ahead, to the point that no recognizable taste was found.

Hurricane Fries
Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries: Finally the trend of giving oil based fries came to a stop with this item. Loved them. Perfect masalas topped on the ideally fried sweet potato did wonders in mouth. The spicy seasoning at first, followed by the sweetness of the soft sweet potato on the inside was indeed enjoyable.

Corn Pepper

Corn Pepper:  A 5/5 item for sure. The taste was impeccable and made you go for the next bite despite the fact that you aren’t yet done with the first one. It was that good. A simple item yet done right. The taste of pepper blended impeccably with the sweet corn.

Coffee Base Absolute Chocolate Freak Shake

Coffee Base Absolute Chocolate Freak Shake: With freak shakes on the rise in Pune, this place surprised me to core. Leave aside the fancy decoration, I’m not a person who will go gaga over it. The inside is what really matters and it was slurpiliciuos (that’s not a word) ! The perfect combination of Coffee & Chocolate can be enjoyed by lovers of both the clans. Not too sweet, the coffee flavor manages to bring back the sweetness to enjoyable magnitude.

Chocolate Waffle with Nutella

Chocolate Waffle with Nutella: The waffle was dry and got pretty dull once the nutella got over with it’s magic. The maple syrup and the whipped cream could  hardly revive the dish. The waffles need a improvement for sure.

Black Ice Cream


Black Ice Cream: The star of the place, the show stopper finally arrived and we were super excited to get our hands on it. The presentation looked quite appealing, polished and shinny from some angles. The cone was not crispy as usual ice cream cones are supposed to be.  Coming to the ice cream, the first go at it was quite refreshing. It felt powdery, it felt rough. The charcoal was evident. The sweetness can be negligible, but just enough to motivate you take another lick at this black beauty. Later on, the sweetness disappeared. It felt like rubbing your tongue over a dry slate? Or maybe something which is rough, coarse. The only taste which you can later on gt is from the chocolate chips topped over the charcoal ice cream. Imagination has no limit, and I’m sure each one can describe this particular item as per his own creative limitations. Overall, taste wise not at all appealing, and a second visit is highly doubtful for this place.

I’m sure activated charcoal has a lot of health benefits but I highly doubt whether the people who intend to have ice cream will ever be attracted by this concept.

Banana Ice Cream with Coffee

Banana Ice Cream with Coffee:  Lets do something adventurous was our motive for the evening, and that lead to ordering this particular ice cream flavor. We had two experiences for this one. The first batch which we got was super bitter. The coffee was overdone, and ruined the ice cream without a doubt. The second one had toned down the magnitude of coffee in it, and then we could finally taste some banana flavor in it, which again wasn’t that enjoyable for my taste buds.

That was a quick review of this place! Hope this can help you decide what to order and what not to order at this place.

There are three outlets: FC road, Viman Nagar, Bibewadi 
(Click on the place name to get their exact location)


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