— I traveled 50.43 kms for this fantastic breakfast place —

Have your breakfast like a king. All the next meals to be followed should
be subsequently of lower magnitude. This is what my mother says. Taking
her advice seriously like I always do, we decided to have our Sunday
breakfast at this place.

Tbqh, when I say the word breakfast the first cuisine which pops in my
mind is South Indian! Our beloved dosas, upma, uttappa and the filter
coffee. Then the second one which emerges slowly for me is the early
morning pohe, sabudana vada, thalipeeth and other Maharastrians breakfast
items. The third is the ‘English Breakfast’ or what I generally term as
the Yolkshire menu. With Mushrooms, Eggs, bacon and eggs! I was about to
visit the breakfast of the third type.

I was about to visit the breakfast of the third type.The place had launched their breakfast items 4 days back, and I was one of
the few foodies who was invited to have a bite there.

So they have two options: Spanish & American Breakfast.

• These are like platter which consist of Hash brown, Chicken sausages, Bread and one from tea/coffee/juice.
– All these items together for 189/-


SPANISH BREAKFAST: Consisting of Tortilla Espanalo which I had no clue what it means, is actually a super soft [deep dish pizza sliced] shaped omelette. A centimeter thick sliced potatoes infused omelette which was done perfectly is something new on the presentation and visually very appealing. Served besides are the best chicken sausages I’ve had in the recent times! Soft, juicy and so yummy! Trust me I ended up grabbing few from my my neighbor’s plate after finishing mine! If you ask me about the overall heat level on it, I would probably rate it very mild because that’s the way it is originally made in Spain! So feel free to add whatever you like if you are a hot n spicy eater like me!
[additional info- Tortilla Espanalo, the omelette was made in a deep pan
from approx 20 eggs. They have a special covered pan brought from Spain in
which it is made, I’ve attached the pic do check!]


Mushroom and cheese sandwich

Mushroom and cheese sandwich: Not much to describe here, these guys nail their mushroom items, and hence this sandwich was droolworthy. It had the perfect blend of mushroom cuts and cheese….yummm!


Pan Cakes

Pan Cakes: Good.I had to use a little bit of excessive maple syrup but most of you will like it the way it was served I feel. I wish it would have been a little bit more light and fluffy to my liking.

American Breakfast

American Breakfast: It consists everything mentioned above excluding the Tortilla Espanalo, you get to choose your omelette. I decided to opt for ‘Mushroom and Cheese’. I’m not a fan of mushrooms, nor do I do not hate them. If you do not like mushrooms, I would highly recommend to try this particular place for this particular omelette. It’s so wonderfully done that I simply couldn’t stop relishing it. The rich creamy texture combined with tasty mushrooms is something you must visit this place for. The hash brown were nice, crispy and delicious. Now being a Maharastrian I was bound to find it very bland. So I had it with everything which was kept in front of me! I loved it with the mushroom omelette in the end! The chicken sausages with caramelized onions again were delicious. You also get nice regular and brown bread with butter and jam on the side.



Grilled Chicken Bocadillo

Grilled Chicken Bocadillo: A never before heard term again, Bocadillo means nothing but a subway bread cut lengthwise! It’s huge, so huge that it was almost not possible for us to dig in. They served it open with one slice having chipotle sauce spread over it, and the other had grilled chicken and cucumber, onions, lettuce. The chicken was tasty, the chipotle sauce was tempting. This item is huge and I feel it shouldn’t be for breakfast! However for people with a huge appetite this is the best option to satiate your super sandwich cravings.

Grilled Chicken Bocadillo
Grilled Club Chicken Sandwich


Grilled Club Chicken Sandwich: Chicken marinated in mayo with chicken salami too in it, this sandwich had a lot of potential to be the second best item after their mushroom sandwich. However the mayo taste over powered everything and I couldn’t really enjoy it. Feedback was given about the same, so I expect when you guys have it it will be much better and enjoyable.



•• Overall, a fantastic breakfast option added to my lists which serves good food at a very affordable price. The quality of ingredients is top notch,the hygiene in the kitchen is of high standards.

1. The place opens at early morning 7am sharp for breakfast till noon. Ready to take orders at 7am.
2. Place name: Tipico Espanol
3. Address: Gandhi Empire, next to vespa showroom, Lullanagar, Kondhwa.
4. Average cost: 200 per person ( I feel )
5. Available all Seven days. [Weekends+Weekdays]

New week, new challenges..moving on from disastrous Sunday final..Happy week ahead Pune people


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