This place isn’t a themed restaurant. This place has an actual garage and within the premise they have made an amazing joint for foodies like us to relish some of the best chicken and mutton delicacies.  The place name is GARAGE GRILL , located at Salunke Vihar this place promises to serve their target audience by providing fresh tender chicken in the quickest possible time.  If you are looking for a fine dine restaurant this isn’t your place. If you are interested in some serious good place which serves yummy non-veg stuff, this is a must visit place for you.


Ambiance Pic – 1


Ambiance Pic -2


The front empty space of the garage has been used for the setup of garage grill. Did you observe the car bonnet and the seats here? Yes indeed this place is not a themed restaurant but a garage in real sense! The place does has shades to protect their setup and stay dry during rains. However the work for it is still under process and shall be completed soon.


I travelled a lot, 25 kms approximately to reach here.  I was starving and really wanted something quickly to get into my tummy! The owners did a quick briefing about the place and when they started, in the meanwhile the tikkas were on their way,


Mercedes Chicken Tikka

Mercedes Chicken Tikka: A marination which had cheese and basil in it did wonders! The basil was homegrown and it blended so nicely in your mouth that a true non-vegetarian food lover will simply close his eyes and just adore this beauty. They are served hot, and would recommend you guys to have your first bite as soon as it reaches the table(without clicking pics). The dish was a superstar of garage grill for me, I also took some parcel of the same to relish them late night while I could edit the pics of this place.

Four stroke Chicken Tikka

Four Stroke Chicken Tikka: I was smart enough to guess just by the name that this dish would have 4 types of different tikkas served together similar to a platter of smaller size.  The green one in the picture is called Maserati Tika: It had pudina based marination which was good but high on the taste factor which can make the other options taste little bland, so would advice you to have after tasting the other three. The Rolce Royce Tikka had marination of malai and elaichi which tasted good and added a different taste to the entire 4-platter tikka experience. Tandoori masala was the regular one which we love and relish was again decent but a little repetitive in taste.

Peri Peri Tikka


Peri Peri Tikka:Pili pili peppers were brought to India by the portuguese. Since then because of the heat factor being on the higher side it’s used widely now a days and the Indians loved it! It’s now called Peri peri here and is grown by the owner in house. This although I had expected to be a hot, it actually was very mild on heat. However the after taste is when you actually feel the heat. Over all nice option to choose from.


Tandoori Momos

Tandoori Momos The momos had wonderful crunchy aspect combined with flavorsome tasty chicken fillings. The only thing which I couldn’t enjoy was the fact that they had sprinkled chat masala powder on the top which overpowered the complete tandoori momo experience. Feedback was given and they agreed to reduce or even completely avoid the usage of chat masala on the top.



Rolls Wrap: kaathi kebab roll.

Kaathi kebab Roll:  Huge roll cut into three pieces served in manner where the interiors which included chicken and onions are sure for one person to completely get his tummy filled. Decent on  taste, however I felt it a bit dry, use of mayo or some sauce would do wonders to this roll.


Mutton Kheema
Mutton Kheema


Mutton Kheema: It was ideal, I enjoyed it a lot. Finished almost two big parothas which were equally tasty!  The minced meat was difficult to keep away from me as it was so good that it instantly finished and kept us craving for more. A good option for the mains.

Paneer Tikka Masala

Paneer Tikka Masala: By chance if you happen to bring a vegetarian friend along, don’t worry. The paneer tikka here is dope. Concentrated, saturated tikka masala with ultra soft paneer cubes are a delight. However, not sure if everyone would enjoy this dense flavoured main item, it was a complete winner for me. Based on the paneer quality in this item, we can safely conclude that the paneer starters too might be good.


Chicken Bhuna Masala

Chicken Bhuna Masala: A fantastic chicken gravy item which can be relished with rice and roti.  Boneless pieces of chicken smeared into the flavorful gravy made from tomato with nice aroma of ginger-garlic and the famous bhuna masala was a treat for us.


With this our tasting came to an end. A fantastic tasting I would say, one of the most enjoyable, the most tastiest of all. The choice chicken pieces were fantastic, they cooked to perfection. The masala for  the marination is spot on. This place is located in Salunke Vihar, so anybody who happens to live here or come here, you have a very good option to try out. The place is priced appropriately. The seating as you could see from the ambiance pictures is very limited to 5-6 tables. On weekends they include other mutton items and special biryani. Do give it a try and let me too!


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